Differences Between Paintball and Airsoft

Differences Between Paintball and Airsoft

Simulating what you watch on TV, especially action movies, gives off a satisfactory feeling. For this reason, paintballs and airsoft were invented to fill that gap. These games can be used for military simulations, tournaments or just for fun. There are similarities between the two games but there are lots of differences.

Paintball is a shooting player vs player or team game that involves shooting paintballs at opponents with low-energy guns with the sole aim of disqualifying them. The rules of this game are simple, you get hit by the ball, you get disqualified. Touching an opponent with your hands can cause a penalty, resulting in instant elimination. The game is rarely played by only two people but in teams of three to five people as this makes the game lengthy and enjoyable. It has three main or basic equipments, a gun, a mask, and a ball.

Paintballs, the bullets used, are also

The guns are semi-automatic and are either electricity or compressed gasses. It has a loader which serves as the magazine for the gun, filled with balls. They are also electricity, gas, while in some cases, gravity. Gravity loaders do not use any special mechanics to operate and rely on Earth’s gravity to pull a ball inside the marker. The loader can be found on top of the gun, this aids easy and fast reloading but impedes the user’s eyesight significantly. These loaders can hold more than 50 to 500 balls depending on the user’s choice.

Paintballs, the bullets used, are also called pellets and are made of thin gelatin skin, which is filled with polyethylene glycol mixed with a colorful dye, mostly yellow. The dye has two uses, to visibly mark an opponent that has been shot and prevent the marked player from removing the evidence. Pellets are made thin to ensure that they break on impact. They can cause the victim pain similar to that of a pinch and can leave red spots. Most pellets do not come with a gun, so you would have to buy them separately. Masks are used to protect the eye from injuries due to fogging caused by the dye in the projectile.

There are two types of paintball

Other equipment may include pouches for storing extra balls, a swab used for cleaning balls that mistakenly burst inside the gun’s barrel, jerseys that are similar to that of professional bike riders, gloves, elbow pads, knee pads, and off-road vehicles like go karts. Having enough equipment shows how much you are willing to spend on the game. Use of proper equipment is essential as it reduces your risk of being bruised, with your marker getting jammed.

There are two types of paintball gameplay, capturing the flag with elimination. Capture the flag style of play involves carrying the flag of an opponent team to a specific location or plainly collecting the flag which is popular from speedball. Elimination is the most popular out of the two as it involves plainly eliminating an opponent by shooting, hitting or marking him with a paintball. Speedball is basically paintball played in a flat ground with artificial foam obstacles while its outdoor counterpart, a wood ball, is played outside.

Differences Between Paintball and Airsoft

Airsoft is often mistaken for paintball as they have similar rules and gameplay. It is a shooting game that involves hitting your opponents with pellets from a gun called airsoft guns. Similar to paintball, the person who gets hit gets eliminated, but you will have to trust them to admit that they were hit. The bullets always leave marks on the skin and can cause mild bleeding or welts. Due to this reason, the guns are checked before the game starts to make sure the muzzle velocities are in line with the requirements. They have a range of equipment ranging from offensive gear to defensive wear. Guns are electricity, strong springs or compressed gas for loading bullets and launching projectiles.

Pellets are made from plastic, although some foam variants have been used in some games. These projectiles usually come in packs of 2000 to 5000 pieces and need to be purchased separately from the guns. Lubricants are used to reduce jamming in the weapon’s barrel, increasing efficiency. Other equipment are: high-grade eye wear, balaclavas, padded clothing, gloves. Air software or Paintball are two great games for military simulations, although they are only different in their weaponry.

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